MJ Minter - commercial photography

MJ Minter – A Commercial Shoot

MJ Minter hired me for a commercial shoot to update their images for their website. MJ Minter is an accounting firm based in the southern suburbs of Cape Town and they specialise in accounting work for owner-run businesses. I did photograph for the company the first time some ten years ago. So it was great to be back for yet another shoot. This was the third or fourth time, I did work for MJ Minter.

The Challenge

Even though it was a simple commercial shoot, it was an interesting challenge to balance the light in the entrance area of the company. Some light came through the windows of the door and down-lighters lighten the whole area. Down-lighters produce hard shadows, which gave the wall in the background a nice structure but didn’t work for the whole area. The down-lighters would also produce shadows on the faces for the group portrait image. I needed to work with my studio lights to get the results I wanted for my client.

The Approach

I used a studio light with a softbox to balance the light in the reception area. Now, I just needed to balance each light source for a good result. So, I decided to allow the down-lighters to structure the wall and leave a hint of natural light coming from the doors for the picture of the entrance.

Besides the image of the entrance area, I was going to take a portrait of the team in the same spot. I used a softbox as the main light for the team and directed a second light to the ceiling. The second light lit the room with soft light.

I reduced the effect of the down-lighters by reducing the exposure for the environmental light. This took care of the faces, but also reduced the pattern the shadow created on the wall. It was a tradeoff I made as I knew that the portrait was going to be used for internal use and not for the website.

The Results

Overall, I am happy with the results I was able to produce in the commercial shoot for MJ Minter.

Commercial shoot MJ Minter
The entrance area for MJ Minter
MJ Minter Commercial Photography Group Portrait
The group portrait for MJ Minter

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Jürgen is a commercial photographer based in Cape Town. He helps his clients to present their services and products in images. Jürgen offers commercial, portrait, product and event photography. He finds relaxation by cooking, running and reading.