Beka Schreder Installations in Cape Town

Beka Schreder South Africa commissioned me to photograph some of their installations in the Cape Town area.

The beauty of the project it that the best time to photograph the installations is in the golden hour, just after sunset. Depending of the usage, the intensity of the light can be very high. Normally, the more light you have the better, but when the LEDs are as strong as in some of the installations it can become an interesting challenge of balancing the light of the LED beams and the environmental light.

Two shoots of the project stood out for me.

Greenpoint Athletics Stadium

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We started in late winter with the first shots at the Greenpoint stadium on site. A few days later we attempted to photograph the view from Signal Hill, but bad weather moved in and we had to reschedule. I am glad we had perfect conditions a week later. You get an idea of the strength of the light in the below.

Mont Rochelle

Another eye-catching location was the tennis court at Mont Rochelle in Franschhoek. If I would be tennis player, it would be difficult for me to focus on the game, as the view is breathtaking.

Then intensity of the light is far lower here due to the purpose of a more recreational use.

I am impressed at all installations how even the spread of the light and how instant the LED lights illuminate the spaces. There is no warm up. Once the light switch is on, the lights are on. It is impressive to experience especially when you stand in a stadium and suddenly the lights went on. Please, click on the images to open the gallery.

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