So, what does survivorman Les Stroud has to do with creativity and following your dream? Good question. One of the blogs, I have been following for years is the blog by photographer Chase Jarvis. His blog has been a source of inspiration and information for me. Chase has been sharing about creativity and the business of  being a creative for many years.

One of the tools he uses, is Chase Jarvis Live, an online livestream where he interviews those people that inspire him. Luckily, he also makes those interviews available on YouTube. The interview with Les Stroud is the latest one and it totally surprised me. Yes, I heard about Les Stroud before, watched a few episodes of his show “Survivorman”. He is not the guy, I thought he would be and he is smart, very smart.

I learnt a thing or two about being creative, following my dream and being business savvy listening to this interview. How important is it to follow your gut? When do you know that you are having a unique idea that has potential or running against a wall?

Listen to this and let me know, what you think.

Remember to keep an eye on Chase Jarvis’ blog for a rich source of tool for being a creative.

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