This week, a few blog posts caught my attention.  I am fascinated on how different photographers work. Some love work with complex setups as Flickr member Fotoopa illustrates here. He constructed this setup to photograph insects in flight. Impressive!

I found David Bergman’s blog, who photographs concerts for Bon Jovi. He photographed that Gigapixel image of Barack Obama’s inauguration, amongst many other good photographs. This post gives a behind the scenes look of his work. Lots of gear (Nikon) and complex setups, again.

Have a look at Steve Huff in contrast, who photographs for Seal. I had the pleasure of meeting Steve in person during a one night only private concert (as part of a birthday party I had the assignment to photograph) by Seal in Cape Town a few weeks ago. Steve Huff wrote about his experience in Cape Town on his blog.  He works far less complex and relies on his Leica M9’s high quality lenses to capture the concerts.

Steve Huff also reviewed, the Olympus XZ-1, which convinced me to put this camera on my shortlist of cameras to review.

I have been using Gmail since it was in the private beta phase (i.e. by invitation only). This week Google experienced yet another attack, apparently from China. Read this post on the official Google blog. There is some hands on advice to protect your account. In short, you can enable a two step verification process, for your login. This works in combination with your cellphone and landline. I tested both options and both work in South Africa. For landline verification, your receive an automated phone call. This is very impressive technology.

Have a great weekend ahead.

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