Survivorman Les Stroud and Creativity

So, what does survivorman Les Stroud has to do with creativity and following your dream? Good question. One of the blogs, I have been following for years is the blog by photographer Chase Jarvis. His blog has been a source of inspiration and information for me. Chase has been sharing about creativity and the business … Continue reading Survivorman Les Stroud and Creativity

Muizenberg in b/w shot with an iPhone

I went walking along Muizenberg Beach yesterday. Two cameras accompanied me, the Mamiya C220 (fully mechanical medium film format camera) and my iPhone. While the exposed film of the Mamiya is still laying on my desk, the pictures I took with the iPhone are all processed. This picture, in particular is my favorite of the … Continue reading Muizenberg in b/w shot with an iPhone

9 Favourite iPhone Pictures

Here are 9 of my favorite iPhone pictures from last month. The iPhone has become one of my preferred tools for spontaneous personal photography. I don't always carry my DSLR gear with me (I am currently looking for a new compact camera) and the iPhone cameos in handy for those bursts of creativity, when I … Continue reading 9 Favourite iPhone Pictures