Muizenberg in b/w shot with an iPhone

I went walking along Muizenberg Beach yesterday. Two cameras accompanied me, the Mamiya C220 (fully mechanical medium film format camera) and my iPhone. While the exposed film of the Mamiya is still laying on my desk, the pictures I took with the iPhone are all processed. This picture, in particular is my favorite of the…

Picture of the day or so – 8 September

This is another image from our Whale Trail Hike. We arrived at the cliff above Noetsie in the late afternoon. This tiny Fynbos bush greeted me in the evening light. After this only a steep hike downhill separated us from a warm shower, dinner and a glass of red at the fire.

Picture of the day or so – 7 September 2011

We returned home earlier from our Whale Trail hike than we planned. Nevertheless, we had lots of fun and experienced South Africa’s beauty in nature. When I participated in my first Whale Trail a couple of years back, I carried along a complete set of Nikon digital gear, including lenses, camera bodies and flashlights (!)….