Inspiration – Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham is an inspiration for me. Yesterday was his 87th birthday. He is still very active and photographs for the New York Times. Once a week he compiles a short video as this above about fashion, mostly in New York. There are a number of things that are worth mentioning At age 87 he […]

Tea, a special gift, coffee, a special gift

I received two very special gifts to my birthday this year. A lot of people know me as coffee drinker, but the truth is that I trust only a handful of people to prepare a good cup of tea. The chances of getting a decent cup of coffee are normally higher than with tea. You would […]

Hermanus and why I love B/W

My brother and sister and law invited us for a spontaneous getaway to Hermanus last week. It was great to spend time with them and our godchild. Well, I also found some time to create some photographs. Not far away from our accommodation, I found a small bay with beautiful views over the ocean. The […]

iPhone Pictures of 2011

I hope you enjoy this presentation with a collection of my favorite iPhone pictures of 2011. As from next week, you will be able to purchase framed versions of these images and forthcoming images from the Picture of the Day or so series. Watch the space.

A New Addition And Some Thoughts On Film

There is a new addition to my setup of cameras. Actually, it is two. The first camera is a Nikon F100 and the second, a Mamiya C220. Both cameras operate with film. The Nikon uses 35mm film and the Mamiya 6×6 film. Why in the world would I use film cameras in the 21st century? […]

4th Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk Cape Town

I just received mail from Scott Kelby’s with a link to this video telling you more about the walk. The walk is filling up fast and if you want to be part of this event, visit the Cape Town Photo Walk Page and register. Participation is free of charge and a great opportunity to meet like […]