Last Run in Winter of January 2016 in Germany

Last Friday, I travelled back to Cape Town. I stayed for more than 4 weeks in my hometown and stuck to my regular runs in the forest, crossing 3 countries in the progress. This is about my last run and a little experiment on combining images with sound. I hope you like it.

iPhone 6 for Photography

Since I got my first iPhone, I enjoyed using it as camera, not really to compete with a normal compact camera, but more to see what you can do with a camera, I have with me all the time. The image quality was not that great at that time, but things evolved over the years….

Travel Africa Spring 2014: Publication iPhone Pictures

Some weeks ago, travel writer Carrie Hampton approached me during a BNI meeting and asked me, if I have any kind of travel photography images in my portfolio. She was just approached by Craig Rix fromTravel Africa Magazine to write an article about Cape Town being the World Design Capital for 2014. I emailed Craig…

2013 Cape Argus Cycle Tour with the iPhone

  After photographing the Cape Argus Cycle Tour last year for Mediclinic, I decided to photograph some scenes along the route at today’s cycle tour. Instead of carrying with me a lot of gear, I went with my iPhone 5 alone. The most interesting stop was in Camps Bay, just a few km before the…

Travelling Pictures

I have been traveling for business this last week. My trip followed a busy schedule photographing for my client Mediclinic some of their hospitals in rather remote locations like Barberton and Secunda. There was not much time for extended stops along the way. I arranged my breaks along spots that I found visually interesting and…

Muizenberg in b/w shot with an iPhone

I went walking along Muizenberg Beach yesterday. Two cameras accompanied me, the Mamiya C220 (fully mechanical medium film format camera) and my iPhone. While the exposed film of the Mamiya is still laying on my desk, the pictures I took with the iPhone are all processed. This picture, in particular is my favorite of the…

iPhone Pictures of 2011

I hope you enjoy this presentation with a collection of my favorite iPhone pictures of 2011. As from next week, you will be able to purchase framed versions of these images and forthcoming images from the Picture of the Day or so series. Watch the space.