Paris Impressions

My wife have been travelling to Paris last week. Here are some of my impressions.

Still my Favourite Personal Travelling Kit

I received a phone call this afternoon by a gentleman, who found my blog post about the Fuji X100s and the TCL (Tele Converter Lens). He was keen buying the lens from me, should I be not interested any more. Well, I still love this setup for travelling. The X100s is still my favourite camera…

Germany 2015/16

                      I am back in Germany. Again, I decided to travel light on camera equipment (Fuji X100s, Fuji TCL – tele converter lens, Fuji XT-1 and Fuji 56/1.2 lens). Not very surprisingly, I have been taking the majority of my images with the X100s. It…

Santa Teresa at sunset

Yesterday’s blog post was about the sunrise in Rio. Today from the same assignment a shot during sunset at Santa Teresa. I only had a glimpse at this sunset, but still remember the atmosphere and heat of the day. Again, I shot this with the Fuji x100s.

Sunset over Camps Bay

On my way home yesterday, I passed Camps Bay and took some pictures of the sunset above Camps Bay.

Working with the Fuji XT1

I was able to work with the Fuji XT 1 for a couple of weeks now on a couple of assignments and want to share some of my impressions here. This will not be yet another review of this camera. There are already enough around. I am focusing on my personal experience in my professional…

State of the Nation Parade Cape Town

On my way home from a meeting in town, I got stuck in traffic due to tonight’s State of the Nation address in Parliament. I decided to park my car and take a walk in town and watch the activities with my Fuji x100s. The atmosphere was almost surreal and quiet, besides the music of…