My Current Favorite Camera and Lens Combo

My favorite camera and lens combo used to be the Fuji X100s with the built in 23mm/2.0 lens. It is a stunning combo and is probably one of the most versatile setups. During our trip to Paris earlier this year, I made an interesting discovery: I really love shooting with the 35mm/1.4. Though I can’t … Continue reading My Current Favorite Camera and Lens Combo

Working with the Fuji XT1

I was able to work with the Fuji XT 1 for a couple of weeks now on a couple of assignments and want to share some of my impressions here. This will not be yet another review of this camera. There are already enough around. I am focusing on my personal experience in my professional … Continue reading Working with the Fuji XT1

Muizenberg in b/w shot with an iPhone

I went walking along Muizenberg Beach yesterday. Two cameras accompanied me, the Mamiya C220 (fully mechanical medium film format camera) and my iPhone. While the exposed film of the Mamiya is still laying on my desk, the pictures I took with the iPhone are all processed. This picture, in particular is my favorite of the … Continue reading Muizenberg in b/w shot with an iPhone

Workshop Notes: Aperture

  The participants of my workshops (The Basics) know that I believe that the knowledge of some basic technical aspects of photography will help you to improve your photography. In very basic terms a camera is a black box, which allows light in on the one side (through a lens) and records the image on … Continue reading Workshop Notes: Aperture