Personal black and white photography

When I go out with my camera and photograph for myself, I often challenge myself by either using only one lens (one focal length) or other limitations. This opens up my mind to find creative ideas that I normally would not have come up with. Restricting myself to one focal length forces me to think outside of the box. A wide-angle lens is not normally used for portraits, so how can I approach a portrait to create a picture that takes advantage of this? Especially, working with one focal length lets me go deeper in understanding the lens in its advantages and limitations.

On other occasions, I choose to photograph in black and white only and look for light and not colour. This helps me also when I photograph colour. Seeing light and contrast is such an important skill to have as photographer.

Here are some pictures, I took during a walk with my wife, where I limited myself to one focal length and working in black and white only.

I photographed in RAW used a b/w preset in camera. On my computer, I processed the RAW images in Iridient X-Transformer and applied in Lightroom a film simulation from VSCO and adjusted the image to the way I saw them.

Please click on images for larger view.


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