Exclusive Books Cavendish Square

 (Jurgen Banda-Hansmann)

When Exclusive  aBooks contacted me to photograph the launch of the refurbished store at Cavendish Square in Cape Town, I was really excited. We have tons of books in our household and the store at Cavendish as our local bookstore where we buy books, locally.

This is not a minor refurbishment, but a total new design of the store and layout. The store invites you to sit down, pick a book and get lost.  the section for children books has been extended as the most cozy spot in the store.

The real highlight for me, is the addition of the in-store coffee shop.  The coffee is very decent, and the attraction is the big communal table with engraved quotes from famous authors.

Clever lighting and layout gives  impression that the store is much bigger than it really is.

Here are some of the pictures, I took on the day, the store opened to the public.

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