St Luke’s Hospice Cape Town

Recently, I started a project with St Luke’s Hospice in Cape Town. My brief includes photography of staff members and general photography for the hospice. The first part of the job, was to photograph the CEO of the organisation, Ronita. I had a number of ideas on how to approach these portraits. It included photography with flash and soft-box and also simply using natural light.

 We started in her office but the standard one light setup. These images covered the formal aspects of the shoot and were a good starting point .

 (Jurgen Banda-Hansmann)

After that, we walked through the building and looked for spaces with diffused light.We finally found a nice big window in the new part of the building. I asked Ronita to stand against the wall next to the window. My main light was not coming from the window, but the reflection of that light coming from the opposite wall. For a number of reasons, these images became my favourite images of the session. The light was beautiful, the background was nice and open, Ronita was more relaxed and I was in my happy zone. The light is key and when I find the right light that fits the context and the personality of my client, it helps me to create the images that I am looking for.

Find out more about St Luke’s hospice’s work here:

 (Jurgen Banda-Hansmann)

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