Morning Walk in Muizenberg

One of the things, my wife and myself enjoy doing, especially in summer are morning walks along the beach in Muizenberg. When we make it early enough, the walk along the water is empty and the light might be dramatic.

On this morning, I decided to take the Fuji X-Pro2 and the Fuji XF 35mm/1.4 lens with me. I am working on a long term user report (not review) and one of the impressive feature of the camera is the film simulations. My aim was to produce some high contrast images and selected the Acros R mode, with HTone set to +3, STone set to +3 and Sharp set to +2. For the majority of the images, I worked with spot metering.

I shot in the combo of JPG and RAW. The images you see here are all from the JPG selection with if any, minor adjustments in Lightroom. The images look great straight out of camera, but often you can improve them by adjusting, Blacks, Whites, Shadows and Highlights.

pr217612 pr217573 pr217552 pr217502 pr217481

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