Strike a Pose Portrait Workflow Review

Sleeklens asked me to write a review on their Strike A Pose Portrait Workflow and sent me the presets and brushes for Lightroom.

There are few things that I really like about the workflow tool and some that I don’t. For most of my current portrait work, I aim for a natural look without too much manipulation. This means, that most of the Presets are not for me. Crisp Dawn and Duo are examples of presets, I could see myself working more with.

The effects can be interesting, but you need to keep in mind that applied filters are not only general colour and curve adjustments, but also include local adjustments such as Graduated Filters. I found the Presets valuable starting points, if you are really want to dig into more intrusive image creation.

The tools, I have been using more frequently are the brushes and I must say they are really nice. There are brushes to enhance various eye colours, smoothing skin, enhancing hair, whitening teeth etc. The beauty of the system is the transparency. If you want to adjust the effect of a certain brush, you can just do it within the brush tool of Lightroom. It takes a lot of manual preparation out of the way.

The brushes alone make the workflow worthwhile for me.

If you want to check the software out without paying you can give the free Starterpack a try.

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