It is July, already. Wow. Time is flying. The first half of the year, I have been travelling a bit and I thought that not travelling means that I would have more time for writing. How wrong, I was.

Anyway, here I am. There is lots of catch up to do. I owe Leandre a blog post big time, which will be the first I publish in the next couple of days.

While travelling, one of my cameras fell on concrete in Paris. It didn’t turn  out too well for the Fuji XT-1. While that camera was in repair, I bought the Fuji X-Pro 2, which became quickly my all time favourite camera. I’ll share about my first couple of months of experience in a longish blog post. It won’t be a review, as there are already so many out there. The XT-2 was just announced (and there is no urgency for me to buy yet another camera). There are some other news, that excite me more on Fuji’s side and that is the upcoming release of their flash system in September. I’ll write a bit about that as well.

I made some shifts with lighting equipment in general and spent much more money on reflectors, I ever thought I would and for good reasons. There will be a blog post about that as well.

I have been busy with corporate events, portraits and product photography in the recent months. I will share some shoots and new approaches in my work. Learning and improving my craft has been the one constant aspect in my business.

In short, I am back from the hiatus. Chat soon.

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