Fuji X100s and TCL
Fuji X100s and TCL

I received a phone call this afternoon by a gentleman, who found my blog post about the Fuji X100s and the TCL (Tele Converter Lens). He was keen buying the lens from me, should I be not interested any more.

Well, I still love this setup for travelling. The X100s is still my favourite camera and the first I grab, when I go for a walk to capture some images. It has the right size and paired with the lens and image quality it is a winner for me. The TCL (Tele Converter Lens) is an interesting beast. The image quality is still great and I did not notice any major quality loss in my images, when using it. It has a few disadvantages, which don’t make it a deal killer.

  • The lens is rather bulky. It has the same depth as the camera and roughly doubles the depth of the camera when it is attached.
  • It changes dramatically the feel of the camera and makes it front heavy.
  • It is a screw on lens. You have to be careful to screw it on and be patient. You also have to remove a ring on the camera to attach it. If you are in a hurry, not the best solution. If you have the luxury of two x100 models, than you can keep one set up with the TCL.

For my personal travel trips, it is often the exclusive combination I take with me. Sometimes I add the the Fuji XT-1 with the 56mm/1.2. The combination of these two cameras and lenses fits into a Thinktank Mirrorless Mover 20 with memory cards and batteries, but not much more. It is a tight fit.

Happy travels 🙂


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