Tea, a special gift, coffee, a special gift

I received two very special gifts to my birthday this year. A lot of people know me as coffee drinker, but the truth is that I trust only a handful of people to prepare a good cup of tea. The chances of getting a decent cup of coffee are normally higher than with tea. You would you be wrong to assume that making a really good cup of coffee is easy. Making both good tea and coffee are simple processes, but not necessarily easy.

Anneleigh from Brand Conservatory gave me today this fairly unique blend of tea. She communicated some characteristics about me and my tastes to the blender and the blender produced a tea that combines some of my favourites flavours in tea. There is Darjeeling (first flush), Oolong, Mulberry Leaves, Ginko, Hibiscus and some lemon peel in it. Personally, I would not dare to combine all of these into a tea, but it just works. Love it.

This tea is not delivered in tea bags (That would be just wrong!), so the combination of quantity of tea in relation to water with the right temperature and the correct infusion time create a beautiful moment of bliss.


My brother, on the other hand gave me a Bialetti Moka Express maker. I used to have one, many years ago and remembered a mostly bitter taste. Well, after receiving the new one, I did some more research and learnt that I did it all wrong in the past and heated the espresso maker too fast, which burnt the coffee and gave the bitter taste. I also didn’t grind my own coffee then and wasn’t in control of the grind.

I tried the new learnt technique and was amazed on how much tastier the coffee is than what I remembered.

_DSF3736Now  I have two events to look forward to:

  1. The early morning Moka Espresso (or after dinner)
  2. The afternoon tea with my special blend

What does that all have to do with photography?

Well, there are a few aspects to it.

Photography as a form of creative expression has grown over more than 100 years. There is so much to discover, with the old masters that still amaze me. Than there is the new generation of photographers, who never grew up with analog photography and they discovered a new way producing images from a totally different angle. It is an amazing time to be a photographer and I am glad that I learnt the analog and digital way of  image creation.

A few things stayed the same. A photograph is a combination of 4 main ingredients: light, shutter speed and aperture and composition. Images can be as strong as an espresso or subtle as a Darjeeling.

If you sell tea or coffee and need to photograph your products, please remember to contact me. I do have a passion for all three: coffee, tea and photography. Please contact me here.

My combination of light, aperture, shutter speed, reflectors, lenses and some post production wizard skills create images that might just be the right blend for your brand and/ or product.


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