iPhone 6 for Photography

Cape Town Table Mountain with the iPhone 6

Since I got my first iPhone, I enjoyed using it as camera, not really to compete with a normal compact camera, but more to see what you can do with a camera, I have with me all the time. The image quality was not that great at that time, but things evolved over the years. The iPhone 5 came close, but the iPhone 6 changed a lot in my perception and experience of the built in camera.

Under good light conditions, the camera performs very well and is a joy to use. As it is part of my phone, I have it with me most of the time. Back in February, I decided to replace my broken iPhone 5 with the iPhone 6 Plus. This was not my first choice, but it was the phone that was available. In the end, I am glad I went with the bigger version.

Cape Town Table Mountain with the iPhone 6

Until the iPhone 6, the iPhone was more of a creative challenge than a camera replacement. Retouching on the phone was almost a necessity.

On Saturday, I went for a trail walk/run (it was faster than a walk, but slower than a run – make your choice) starting at Cecilia’s Forest going up Nursery Ravine (Cape Town, South Africa).

Cape Town Table Mountain with the iPhone 6

Originally, I planned take my Fuji X100s with, but frankly forgot it at home. At the end, I do think that I would not have taken as many pictures as I did with the iPhone. The camera would have been in my backpack and doing a quick snapshot would have meant to stop seriously, take off the backpack, take the camera out, take the picture, pack the camera back…

I carried my phone in one of my pockets and it was always easily accessible.

When I came back home, I was impressed by the quality of images I got from my little adventure.

The iPhone won’t replace my Fuji, but it is very handy and produces good quality images for my memories.

I started working on the images with Snapped and found that they looked more interesting in b/w than in colour. So, I went with it.

Snapseed, is for me by far the coolest photo editing software for the iPhone. You can work in layers, change things after the fact and it is a joy to use.

Anyway, I had lots of fun and enjoyed the ease of an easy accessible camera.

Cape Town Table Mountain with the iPhone 6

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