2010 Koelfontein Shiraz

For a long time, I was hesistant to advertise my product photography skills. This has changed now. For one, I am at a place, where I feel comfortable with the quality of product photography that I deliver and for two, I am enjoying it much more than I ever imagined.


I took time to enhance my technique on product photography. Getting it right as far as possible in camera, reduces time in Photoshop.


There was another challenge. What do I do, when a client only needs ten or twenty products photographed at a time and an additional thirty a few months later. I would quote for those assignments individually and doing it that way, it would be costly for my client.

Here is my approach: I offer packages:

The packages offer product images of up to 10, 25, 50, 100 and more. This keeps the rate for photography of the products lower than photographing them individually.

Currently, I focus on small to medium sized products shot on white background.

If you are looking to get your products photographed for your online shop or brochures, please contact me, visit my product portfolio.

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