Baobab Tree

Two weeks ago I was on a short trip to Mozambique. My assignment brought me to Nacala in the north of Mozambique. The total duration of my assignment was four days. Two of those days are purely for travel. It took 13 hours from door to door on my way up and also on my way home. This was my first trip to Mozambique. Mozambique is so different to South Africa in many aspects. The most obvious difference for me was the weather. In the middle of winter we experienced temperatures of up to 26° during the day. I can only imagine how hot it must be during the summer period.

Something that I haven’t experienced a long very long time were up roadblocks by the police. After we left the airport we were stopped about five minutes later at a roadblock. Until today I don’t have any idea why we were stopped by the police. They checked our passports it was  obvious that they did not know what to look for in our passports. Stop about five minutes, but it was quite annoying. It took us another three hours to get from there to our final destination, Nacala.

There was not much time for me to explore the area by myself. Our accommodation was based north of Nacala, an area called Maaia. I had the opportunity to go to the beach there and photographed the majority of my images out of the moving Landrover (which one of the consultants for Maersk drove all the way up from Cape Town). This is not the ideal from a photographic point of view, but what was available to me.

My actual assignment had to do with shipping of bananas from Mozambique. This will be the theme for a future post. Here is a gallery of my personal images from this trip. If you read this on your iPad, please visit the gallery here.




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