I had the opportunity to photograph the World Haemophilia Day Awareness event in Paarl, on Saturday. Ryk Neethling gave children from Tyberberg and Red Cross Hospital a unique swimming lesson experience. The Witness printed one of my favorite shots from the event:

Here is another article at Media 24 with another of my images.

4 thoughts on “Ryk Neethling at the World Haemophilia Day

  1. Jurgen, these pics are great. There are several pics used for media articles to raise awareness about the bleeding condition, haemophilia. The kids enjoyed themselves and they will be enjoying and reliving the momemnt again when we share the images you captured. PRICELESS!

  2. Amazing! Truly amazing. As one of the parents that was present that day, I would just like to say thank you to everyone that made that day a possibility for our children. Its feels great that they can be acknowledged for everyone to see. They are brave and couragous and can endure almost anything. Thanks Jurgen, Ryk,Bradley, just thank you everyone. You guys are amazing.,

    1. Chantel, Thank you for your kind works. I just was there to document. It is great when things like this happen and are meaningful for the kids.

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