On Sunday Cape Town will once again experience “the world’s largest individually timed cycle race” with about 35000 riders on the 109km route. It is one of the races I wanted to participate in since I arrived in Cape Town 13 years ago. Well, it hasn’t happened yet, though I completed the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon once instead…

Mediclinic, the medical sponsor of the event asked me to photograph riders for their exhibition stand at the Cape Argus Cycle Tour Expo. Mediclinic sourced the riders, bicycles and gear. I organized my support with my assistant Angelika, Anneline and Nicci for make-up from Anneline Black Studios and chose one of Photohire’s studios as location.

We scheduled a full day shoot to capture the imagery we planned according to the brief. We worked on a schedule that allowed enough time for make-up application, set-up of the individual bikes and of course shooting.

One of the challenges was the ever changing flow of riders coming to the shoot. Luckily, we didn’t have to move the setup around. I decided to keep lighting simple and use two Profoto heads with two Pro 7A 1200 packs and lighboxes. For the cyclist shots I pretty much used the same lighting setup for the whole day. I shot with the Nikon D700.

The studio is big enough, so that I was able to shoot some of the cyclists riding through the studio. I shot the majority of shots stationary.

Working with a team helped keeping the shoot flowing and allowed me to focus on the photography. Angelika made sure that the lighting setup was correct and routinely checked the lighting. With Anneline and Nicci doing the make-up, I could rely on the same quality of make-up throughout the day.

Click any of the thumbnails below to open the gallery.

On Friday, I will have a chance to see the live size prints of my images at the Cape Argus Cycle Tour Expo. On Sunday, I will be back to shoot riders and Mediclinic staff in action. I look forward to that and will follow up with another blog post.




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