Newlands Cricket Ground

Every year BNI, the largest word of mouth marketing organization in the world organizes the International Networking Week. These are local events, focusing on business and networking. This year we had the opportunity to listen and to meet Norm Dominguez, the CEO of BNI at the Newlands Cricket Ground. It was the first time at the Cricket Ground for me. I probably, would have appreciated it even more, if I would understand Cricket rules..

What does this have to do with photography? On the first look, not much. Well, I took a few pictures with my Canon S95 during the event, but I these are not prize worthy and not very special.

Norm Dominguez during his presentation at Newlands Cricket Ground

Since I started my business, I made few decisions that helped me grow my business and improve my service offering. One of those decisions was to join a BNI chapter a year after I started Jurgen’s Photography. The weekly (!) network meetings are based on building trust with the other members of the chapter and “build business through meaningful relationships.” The weekly routine of presenting my business in a one minute slot, helped me tremendously to present myself and my business to potential clients. Following a rotation, every member also presents their business in a 10 minute talk. It is another experience, where I grew my public talking skills.

Norm is an inspiring speaker and referred in this morning’s talk to Jim Collins’ Good To Great. We learnt a lot about core values and action values in business and life. The talk alone was worth coming.

In a round of practical networking, I met a couple of interesting people, with whom I am going to connect again to learn more about their businesses. Great people, with good insights and fascinating business concepts. I enjoyed talking with them. As usual, after such events I went home and looked up who of them is on Linkedin and connect with them there as well.

I do recommend that you use a professional photographer for your profile images. First impressions count. You want to present yourself in the best manner when advertise your business or yourself in a professional role.

Contact me, to get a brand new profile picture 🙂

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