I had an epiphany. Over the last year or so, I hardly printed my images. My clients, especially my corporate clients required mostly digital files and I often delivered digital files only to my private clients. A couple of months back, I started shooting film again. This changed a lot in the way I look at photography.

I learnt photography in the days of film. In my teenage years, I processed my film (Ilford Fp4 and HP5) by hand in our school lab and also created my own prints there. In my first period of professional photographer as freelancer for the local newspaper, I shot mostly Kodak Tmax film. Loved it a lot. Once I had less than an hour between the end of a function and delivering it to the newspaper. It was about the only time I remember to print an image from a still wet negative. Not the best processing, but it made it to the frontage, tiny, but still.

Anyway, as I started shooting more and more film recently, I also started printing more images again. The reason is simple. The photo lab, where I do most of my processing and printing, just doesn’t provide any good first level high res scans. I tried another lab, with good results for the first few films, but inconsistent results after that. Film is just not that popular these days in this town… So I started to get my film images printed to make judgement calls on which images are worth being scanned in high resolution by the specialists at Photohire (with consistent great results and fast turnaround time!). It is a pricy process and I leave it to the images that I find great.

So it happened that I found Artlab to print one of my favorite shots of the recent months. This was exciting. An image shot on a fully mechanical medium format camera and scanned in high resolution by hand on a Hasselblad scanner, finally got printed on 100% cotton rag fine art paper. It was a beautiful experience when I saw the image come out of the printer. The texture of the paper is amazing and the ink has a distinct smell and the material feels like good old Ilfort Baryt paper.

Needless to say that this image is hanging framed now in our lounge.

What does that for my photography business? There will be a new emphasis for the products for my clients on printed images on high quality paper, mounted and framed in museum quality (archival paper, 100 year warranty against fading…). I have to share that experience.

As from today, I start offering portrait sessions with the focus on high quality photography paired with high quality printing and framing. The first service, I start offering are Beauty Portraits. These packages include professional make-up, a bespoke photo shoot in studio or on location, professional editing of the final image(s) and printing on the above mentioned 100% cotton rag fine art paper, framed to the highest standards.

If you know someone, who deserves a beautiful image of herself or just want to give a gift that sets you apart, have a look at the Beauty Portraits. When you follow this link you also will receive a time limited discount on the first photo shoot you book.

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