We returned home earlier from our Whale Trail hike than we planned. Nevertheless, we had lots of fun and experienced South Africa’s beauty in nature. When I participated in my first Whale Trail a couple of years back, I carried along a complete set of Nikon digital gear, including lenses, camera bodies and flashlights (!). It was a bit crazy and I ran out of battery power on the last day. I took a lot of pictures and carried a lot of gear every day. This year, I wanted to do things differently and started investigating point and shoot cameras as tool to capture the memories of this year’s hike. Well, to cut a long story short, I ended up buying a Mamiya C200 camera. The Mamiya C220 is at least 20 years old (probably older, difficult to say with Mamiya cameras) and operates fully mechanical, no batteries required. It takes 120 film, which produces 6x6cm sized negatives. The camera arrived one day before we left for our trip. In other words, I didn’t have time to test and check the camera and took the risk of coming home without any properly exposed images. I have only one set of lenses (the camera is a Twin Lens Reflex TLR camera. One lens is used for composing and the other for exposing the film), at 80mm. 80mm in the medium format corresponds to a 50mm in the SLR film or full frame DSLR world.

I haven’t practiced hand metering with an external meter in years on a regular basis, but things came back quickly. I limited myself to 6 images per day and would have exposed 36 images, if we would not have to pull out early.

I will be posting some of my favorite shots from this hike over the next couple of days. All images are shot with the Mamiya C200 on Fuji 400 Professional 120 film. The images are scanned on a Hasselblad Flextight 5 scanner at Photohire.

I shot this first image on our way to the nature reserve in the early afternoon.



2 thoughts on “Picture of the day or so – 7 September 2011

  1. I love this photograph!  Thank-you.  Doing the Whale trail with you was fun.  You are caring and adventurous and I love hearing talk photography:-)

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