Sebastian and his wife Lizelle are launching a new company. They asked me to photograph their portraits in the studio with a neutral background. Sebastian and Lizelle asked some very good questions before the photo shoot. What are the best clothes to wear? Makeup? Best colors? …


Both of them were well prepared and made it easy to photograph them.

Here are some questions to help you to prepare yourself for your corporate portrait session:

  • How do you want to portrait yourself? Do you need to present yourself as professional business person in a suit? Do you want to communicate your open mindedness?…
  • Do you work from an office that represents, who you are and want to photograph your images in this environment? Does a studio shoot work better to underline your message?
  • Who is your potential client?
  • What media do you use to? Do you use a brochures, websites, newsletters to market your business? Do you need different images for social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+ ?
  • Do you want to incorporate branding material of your company in your shoot (e.g. signage, banner)?

These are only a few questions to help you to prepare yourself for your photo session.

Are you unclear about what makes your business unique and not sure, who your target market is? I can connect you with the right branding and marketing experts to find answers.



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