Following my 10 Tips to Create Better Pictures with Your iPhone, I want to add 2 more tips today.

Look for Natural Tripods

You only have limited control over the exposure time of your iPhone camera. The iPhone does not give you any information about the exposure. Experience tells you, when it is dark, the exposure time is longer. You need to hold your iPhone very steady, for HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. HDR images are combined of a few shots taken after each other with different exposures (over- and underexposure). You get better and more consistent results when you look for natural tripods. What are natural tripods? Everything, you can find in the environment, you can rest, balance or steady your iPhone on during the exposure(s). A wall, a pole, a bench, the ground, everything can be used as tripod.

Find different Perspectives

I found the branches of the palm tree from our neighbour in our garden. I was wondering on how to put them into an interesting picture. After trying a few angles, I decided to put the iPhone on the ground and shoot upwards, so that the palm tree would be in the background. The TrueHDR app balanced the light and I added a bit of color bang with Camera+.


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