It is not often that I receive emails from the founder of a company, which I use to enhance my business for an interview. When Grover Sanschagrin from Photoshelter contacted me to interview me on my experience with social media marketing as photographer, I was very excited. Photoshelter offers photographers not only a solution to backup their photographs, but also to present them to clients and market themselves with sophisticated web site templates. I have been using Photoshelter for a good number of years and experienced not only a continuous development of the product, but also ongoing education in running a photography business.

I feel honored to be interviewed as one of three photographers in the field of social media marketing. It is great to see on how Ian and Tyson use social media in their fields.

 Click this link to read the post: Social Media for Photographers: Let’s get real for a moment

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  1. Congratulations! Well done on being interviewed
    by one of the Photoshelter founders, as 1 of 3 photographers in the
    field of social media marketing. Wishing you continued success with
    social media!

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