Today, Apple released the latest version of it’s operating system, OS X Lion. I bought my first Mac, when I studied at university in Germany about 20 years ago. There was a short phase, where I did not own a Mac, but since then, I never looked back. Windows and Linux (not to forget, that Mac OS X has Unix roots itself) are or became capable operating systems.

I chose a Mac, as I chose Nikon cameras. Many of the reasons are of personal preference, but there are things that make life easier in my professional life, using a Mac. Here 5

  1. Upgrading to the latest version of the operating system is easy and cheap. My wife and myself went for a walk, after initiated the upgrade to Lion and voila! when we came home, my Mac welcomed me in the latest version. There were no manual reboots, authorizing this or that. It just did it by itself. Nice. The cost for the upgrade is US$29 for the ultimate and only version. Compare this to US$200+ for Windows 7 Ultimate. Before I forget, I only have to buy one copy for all my machines at home and I don’t have to leave home to get it. It is delivered online.
  2. Backups are built into the operating system. As long as you plug in an external hard drive, your Mac will ask you if  you want to use this as your backup device and it will backup your machine automatically. If you combine this with SuperDuper (which allows you to create bootable backups) you are set and don’t have to worry about a broken hard drive.
  3. It is user friendly. I just prefer on how Macs work. There is no technical experience required to get results. With Windows and Linux, I always had the feeling that I had to focus too much on technical knowledge in order to get the results I wanted.
  4. Macs offer a functional ecosystem. Macs, iPhones, iPads, iPods play nicely with each other. Plug and play of the best nature. As a creative professional, I don’t want to spend time on make gadgets talk to each other. It is a mission for my wife to upgrade her Android phone with her work PC. For Mac users, you get an announcement and after acknowledging it, your phone or iPad upgrades without necessary interference.
  5. Macs are beautiful and thought through. Look at a Mac and compare it to a standard PC. The machines are designed with users in mind and prescribe themselves to be minimalistic without losing important features. Not without reason did Steve Job compare the iPhone 4 to a Leica rangefinder camera, when he presented it first.
Having said this, I know that many photographers and creative professionals prefer Windows or Linux machines. They just don’t offer to me, what I am looking for. What are your experiences.

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