Percy Montgomery is the second South African sports celebrity, I had the pleasure to photograph. Cricket player Makhaya Ntini was the first about two years ago.

This shoot of former South African rugby player (Springbok), Percy Montgomery was part of a magazine interview. I photographed him in a Cape Town hotel lobby. The complete shoot, including different setups did not take longer than 15 minutes. Preparation is key!

I arrived very early at the hotel and scouted for a good location for the shoot (the assignment came in short notice, so I didn’t have the chance to go there days earlier). Plan A was to shoot outside, but Cape Town winter was present, so I looked for a location with variety indoors. The lobby with ample space and soft ambient light presented a great opportunity.

I was discussing my planned setups for the shoot with my clients, when Percy arrived early for the shoot. It was time to get moving. Working with small strobes are a blessing in situations like this. No cables, just lightstand and modifier to set up. Within minutes, we were ready for the first image. Remember, I already measured light and preset the camera.

Throughout the short session, I used available light only and also combined it with flash to brighten shadows. I shot with different lenses, but tend to enjoy shorter focal lengths these days, as it helps me staying in communication better with the portrayed.

The image in this post is my favorite shot. I photographed the portrait with the Nikon 50mm/ 1.4 at aperture 1.8 in combination with a wireless triggered Nikon SB800 flash softened by a shoot through umbrella. Flash was set on TTL 0 via the Nikon CLS (Creative Lighting System).

I used Aperture with NikSoftware plugins for post edit and conversion.





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