Sebastiao Salgado is in my view one of the great photographers. When I watched a documentary about his work and his personality twenty years ago, I found not only a photographer, but communicator across different languages and cultures. The way he interacted with the people, he photographed amazed me and that fact that he was singing, while photographing.

Sebastiao Salgado is not only master of the craft of photography, but also spokesperson, for those without a voice. All his work shows social context and his photographs connect me to who he photographed.

I found this video on YouTube , where Ken Light (what a name in the context of photography!), head of the department of photography at UCB illustrates at 3 examples on how great Sebastiao Salgado’s work is.


3 thoughts on “Sebastiao Salgado – 3 Photographs in Detail

  1. Well, I once saw a documentary about Sebastiao Salgado. I’m always touched whenever I see his works. He always put the humanity. I was impressed with his work because a lot of things that can be taken from his photographs.
    I’d seen and admired are his photographs of the war. There clearly defined and very touching.
    I want a lot to learn with him.

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