10 questions to ask, when you are looking for a new camera. Go through the questions and think about the answers. Which camera fits the profile best? I did not include any reference to Megapixels as this is almost irrelevant. For higher ISO performance, you get better results with a bigger sensor.

Take these 10 questions as start in your journey of finding your new camera.

  1. Am I planning to carry the camera with you all the time?
  2. Do I want to use video with my digital camera?
  3. Am I photographing fast moving objects? (Cars, children, animals..)
  4. Do I want to spend a lot of time post editing my images? In other words, do you want RAW images?
  5. Do I photograph often in low light conditions and need high ISO performance?
  6. Which camera do I like and does it offer, what I need?
  7. How is the local support for the selected camera brand?
  8. Do I want an easy to use camera without worrying about technical details?
  9. Do I want a long zoom?
  10. Am I happy with just a fixed lens?

Did these questions help you? Do you need more information? Leave a comment and I will respond.


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