Louisa visited Cape Town for a few weeks and we arranged her photo shoot on the beach just the day before her flight home to Germany. It was an almost perfect day for a model shoot on the beach, sunny, but a bit windy.

Anneline from Brushstrokes applied Louisa’s makeup, as perfectly as always. With the perfect makeup in place, we went to the beach and looked for a wind protected spot on this sunny winter day in Cape Town. Louisa got comfortable in front of the camera very quickly and we had a fantastic shoot across different locations that afternoon.

I love keeping things simple and work with one lens during model shoots. With lots of great light around, we didn’t need any additional lights and it kept us flexible enough to move between the different locations. Sand and rocks provided good fill light during the afternoon.

Here are 4 tips to make your model photo session a success:

  • Get professional makeup. We arrange a booking for you with one of Cape Town’s best;
  • Bring different outfits to the shoot and keep it simple;
  • Let us know before the shoot, what your ideas are. Great photo sessions are a cooperation between photographer, make up artist and model/ client. We can shoot in studio and on location.
  • We all have our imperfections and we focus on making you look great. Relax and have fun!

You can experience on how it feels to be  a model for an afternoon with Jürgen’s Photography. We offer various packages ranging from model portfolios (different packages) to extravagant photo sessions with your friends including makeup and limousine service (!) to pick you up for the shoot. Contact us here. There is no reason not to look good in front of the camera and have fun at the same time.

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4 thoughts on “A Model Fun Shoot and 4 Tips for your session

  1. Beautiful photography!  I like how you bring out the beauty of Louisa in a creative and naturally beautiful way.  I also like how the light plays about her face! Well done!  Wishing you go from strength to strength and from creating to more creating and creations.

  2. You are a genius brother J! We make a fantastic team! Love working with a consummate professional!

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