After a family studio portrait session, the husband told his wife: “I didn’t expect, it could be that much fun”.

It can be fun and it should, especially for personal studio portraits (family, couple, children, maternity,..).

It is winter in Cape Town. Naturally, more of my portrait sessions move from outdoor locations to the studio (or other inside locations). On location portrait sessions and studio sessions have a lot in common and there are some differences.

Some of the following points, apply to both, studio and on location photo sessions.

Let’s get started.


Planning is such a big word and it doesn’t mean that you have to think in detail on what you want from your photo session. It is the opportunity to discuss with me, what you are looking for. Some of my customers are inspired by portraits they saw in a magazine or in a book. Others, tell me they don’t want to have a formal, boring portrait of themselves, etc.

Listening to what you want and maybe showing me an example, helps me to set up the studio portrait session with you. We can talk about what outfit, you want to wear. Do you want to have b/w or colour photographs? Do you want me to arrange the printing and framing of the images? Are you going to share the pictures with your family and friends, or will you give to a special person in your life.

All of this helps in planning the session and meeting your expectations. Often, this happens during a conversation over the phone.


Studio portrait sessions have the advantage for me that I can control the light. A portrait shoot in the studio does not mean that we will photograph only with big flash lights. When the weather is right, big windows allow to work with natural light only as well. I believe in keeping things simple during the shoot. Often, I work with only one big light and a reflector to get the results.


Good makeup and hair styling emphasizes your good looks. I recommend that you go to a professional make up artist for your makeup and hair and I arrange a booking for you. Ask yourself, how often you get a professional portrait shoot? Wouldn’t it be worth to spend a little (and it is not as expensive as you might think) more to emphasize your beauty?

Should you decide to do your own makeup, take it easy. Less is more.


Working in the studio has the big advantage that you can bring different outfits and change during the shoot. The clothes, you choose depend on the look, you want to portray in your picture.

In general, you want to wear clothes, you feel comfortable in and friends tell you that you look good in. Simple colours work well.

Bring plenty of change of clothes with, when you come with your baby or children to the studio.

Choosing the right outfit is part of the creative process.

Book early

For many reasons, I rent studio space instead of owning a studio. This has lots of advantages, as I can cater for my clients’ needs from a intimate setup to a big setup with dozens of people. Flexibility is the key. The studio, I use, has all the amenities, you would expect, including change room, an area, where your friends and family can sit and wait, a big makeup desk and of course a beautiful photo studio itself.

I book the studio according to the demand for studio portraits. The earlier, I know, when you want to take your pictures, the easier it is to book it on the day you want. Book your photo session early.

Have fun

Personal studio portrait sessions are a lot of fun. Relax and enjoy the process.

Send me an email, to book your own session or to find out more.


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