Recently, I introduced studio portrait sessions as an addition to my portrait photography offering. For your personal and corporate portraits session, you can choose between studio and on location sessions.

So far, I had the pleasure to photograph nursing staff for a major hospital company, private and professional headshots and a cover image for a magazine.

It has been a good start.

So, when would you want to choose studio session and when a on location session.
There are no hard rules and I can offer you some recommendations here.

On location, corporate portraits are a good choice, if you want to present your company in context of your work. This works extremely well, when your premises are the main focus of your business for sales or manufacture. Corporate branding in and of your premises can give you identity that you might not find in a studio session. On location portraits are a viable option, when your offices are outside of Cape Town and/ or you want to disrupt your work day minimally with the photo sessions for you and your staff.

Studio corporate portraits are an excellent choice, when you look for a neutral backdrop or require extensive lighting that would be very difficult to set up on location. Studio portraits work for individuals and big groups (the studio area covers 300 m2). Studio sessions offer maximum control for lighting and consistency in the look and feel of your portraits.

Generally, I advice on location personal portraits, when you have a special link to a location (it’s your favorite spot, for example) or you have a group of children, who need space to run around in between the portrait sessions. A familiar surrounding lets children often relax faster and makes the process less complicated.

Studio portraits offer an intimate and controlled environment. Different setups can be created and you can check your makeup, try different looks etc. Studio sessions with kids can be lots of fun as well.

Talk with me about, on what is possible. You might be surprised.

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