Last Run in Winter of January 2016 in Germany

Last Friday, I travelled back to Cape Town. I stayed for more than 4 weeks in my hometown and stuck to my regular runs in the forest, crossing 3 countries in the progress.

This is about my last run and a little experiment on combining images with sound. I hope you like it.

Germany 2015/16

Forrest Run












I am back in Germany.

Again, I decided to travel light on camera equipment (Fuji X100s, Fuji TCL – tele converter lens, Fuji XT-1 and Fuji 56/1.2 lens). Not very surprisingly, I have been taking the majority of my images with the X100s. It is the camera that I have with me most of the time. I don’t have much time on this trip to edit and retouch images and decided to shoot most images in jpg. I am using three setting setups that are customised and nothing too extraordinary. My preferred mode is the b/w mode. On some occasions, I decided to shoot jpg/ raw when it was a unique moment or the potential that I would like to spend some time later doing some deeper and more detailed retouching or where was not sure, if b/w only would be too limiting.

Part of my daily routine is a run through the forest. I stay close to the Dutch, Belgian, German border, the so called Dreiländereck (border triangle). My runs go literally through three different countries every time. When it is not raining constantly, I pack in my Fuji during the run and stop here and there for some snapshots, which often involves waiting until the heart rate is calm enough to take a decent picture.

Mostly, I take the same route and I find myself almost on autopilot for the route and find time to think and process the days until I hit a spot that is interesting. Interesting can be anything from a dramatic light to a detail that I haven’t seen before along the way. I love these small discoveries.

Post processing is fast and simple. Import into Lightroom, select my favourites and do some very basic edit and retouch, if at all. I work in seconds, not minutes! I hardly recall any raw image that I felt needed some more attention and simply stuck to the jpg, I shot.

Here are some of the pictures from my runs.




Sunrise at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Sunrise at Angkor Wat, Cambodia (© Jurgen's Photography 2015)

I stick to my rhythm with this image of the sunrise in Angkor Wat. Technically, this is after the sunrise, but it has a very early morning atmosphere for me. The scene appears to be serene, but hundreds of tourists are already around me and in the temple. You have to be up very early to be in time for the sunrise at the temple. You literally walk through the dark to get to the standard spot for the sunrise.  I got my pictures there as everyone else, but loved the atmosphere of this so much more than of the actual sunrise.

Sunrise at the Copacabana

 (Jurgen Hansmann)
(Jurgen Hansmann)

Today’s post is from a business assignment in Rio, Brazil. I used to get up quite early for breakfast and my morning run. The Copacabana beach is normally busy and hectic, but early in the morning you can capture some sense of tranquility, though moments after I shot this picture it started to change.

Most of my personal images during this assignment I shot with the Fuji x100s. It is still my favourite camera to take with for personal trips.